The Case for Inclusion 2019

For Advocates

The Case for Inclusion puts each state’s progress in serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) into a national context. It is intended to help advocates and policymakers understand:

  • How their state performs overall in serving individuals with I/DD.
  • What services and outcomes need attention and improvement in their state.
  • Which states are top performers in key areas, so advocates and officials in those top-performing states can act as a resource for those states desiring to improve in key areas.

Advocates should use this information to educate other advocates, providers, families and individuals, policymakers and state administrations on key achievements and areas needing improvement within each state. The facts and figures can support policy reforms and frame debates about resource investments that better support people with I/DD. Advocates can also use the information to prioritize those areas that need the most immediate attention and use the facts to support adequate and ongoing funding to maintain high-quality outcomes, eliminate waiting lists and close large, state-run institutions.

Elected officials should use this report as a guiding document on which issues in their communities need time and attention and, possibly, additional resources or more inclusive state policies to improve outcomes for people with I/DD.

Those within federal and state administrations should use this report to put their work and accomplishments in context and to chart a course for the next focus area in the quest for continuous improvement and improved quality of life. UCP and the ANCOR Foundation also advocate that government agencies should replicate this data reporting in more detail at the state and county level to identify areas of excellence and to target critical issues needing attention.

Additional Advocacy Resources

  • Included. Supported. Empowered. Toolkit:  This resource offers several tools for connecting stories and data to inspire action. Tools include resources for telling your story, engaging with the media, identifying opportunities to take action and more. Visit today to get started.
  • ANCOR Amplifier: The ANCOR Amplifier is a one-stop-shop for learning more and taking action on policy priorities that better enable providers to serve people with I/DD in the community. Get started today at
  • White Paper on the DSP Workforce Crisis: “Addressing the Disability Services Workforce Crisis of the 21st Century” outlines the scope of the shortage of DSPs and its impact on I/DD supports and services. Download the white paper today.

Interested in how we can support your advocacy at the federal level? Get in touch! Please email Sean Luechtefeld, Communications Director for ANCOR and the ANCOR Foundation.